Clinical Specialties : Electrodiagnostics


Electrodiagnostic studies
These studies are designed to diagnose nerve and muscle problems. They are best performed by physicians with appropriate training in the performance of the test and in its interpretation. This will aid your physician in getting you the right treatment. We strive to perform these in as comfortable a manner as possible.

One of the new techniques in aiding in the diagnosis of nerve injuries is ultrasound. Our physicians are trained in this technique and are offering it to our patients as an extra way to help diagnose nerve problems in conjunction with Electrodiagnostic studies.

Laura Y. Huang, MD
Assistant Professor

Robert W. Irwin, MD
Professor and Interim Chair

Seema R. Khurana, DO
Assistant Professor

Andrew L. Sherman, MD
Professor and Assistant Vice Chair

Adriana D. Valbuena-Valecillos, MD
Assistant Professor